U.S Consumers On A Verge Of Consuming More Bottled Water

According to the data showed by Euromonitor, the residents of America are becoming more inclined to consume bottle water and the consumption of soda is decreasing every year. For the first time, the consumption of water per capita is going to exceed that of soft drinks in America.

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In 2016, people of United States are expected to drink more than 102 liters of water and approximately 98 liters of soft drinks. And this difference is likely to grow in future keeping in view the previous records. This could mean that soft drink producing company will face a downfall in their sales.

And the bottled water companies like AquaFina, Nestle, Perrier and Poland Spring will witness more sales and profit. Bottling water is not so much of a nature friendly process. Plus it costs a lot more than just drinking from the taps. Bottling of water is prohibited in many cities all around the world for betterment of nature.

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