The All-New Crunchy Apple Macbook Review

Apple recently introduced its second-generation MacBook.

The second generation of MacBook has recently been launched by Apple. It’s not something you could compare to the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air. It is the latest addition to the Apple laptops which is unbelievably slim and beautiful. It has a sleek design, which is not any thicker than a pencil.

The new MacBook is not just awesome in looks, nut it also excels in performance. It has new enhanced processor which can handle demanding software without any lag. Its improved graphics, according to Apple, are 25% faster than the last year’s model.

The screen size new MacBook is just 12 inches, which seems to be rather small as compared to other displays in market. But even with the small size the display looks very crisp. Moreover this laptop is very light weight and is silent too. This year, Apple has put great speakers in their laptop which provide great sound quality.

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