Redefining Your Workout Plan: Her Yoga Secret Review

If you are looking for a way to reduce stress, experience a brighter outlook on life as well as increase your flexibility dramatically then Her Yoga Secret Review is exactly what you need! The 12-week follow-long yoga video series promises to work wonders for you. Popularly known as Burn, this plan is meant for women who have previously attended yoga classes but found that it did not meet their expectations.

Developed by personal trainer, Zoe Bray-cotton, Yoga Burn uses dynamic sequencing, a method that is said to deliver effortless weight management right from your own home. Forget all about restricting diet or cardio, this yoga workout plan comes with a progressive approach that has proven to deliver results.

How Does It Work?

Zoe’s goal is to prove that yoga does not only offer spiritual elevation alone. The Yoga video series is divided into the following three phases:

·Phase one:

Referred to as the Foundation Flow, whether you are a beginner or practice yoga at an advanced level, you will highly benefit from this phase. Here, you will be able to learn all of the benefits that come with yoga and discover new ways to boost your metabolism.

· Phase two:

This phase is all about the body shaping strategies that can be used. It will also provide tactics that will enhance your mood as well as boost energy. Zoe Bray-Cotton claims that through this, your body will feel and look better

· Phase three:

known as the mastery flow phase, this is where all of the yoga magic happens. By combining phase one and phase two, you will be able to exceptionally transform your body and see the results through this phase.

Her Yoga Secret Features

  • · Losing weight and trimming fat through yoga
  • · Using yoga for medical purposes
  • · Mistakes made by women when practicing yoga
  • · Yoga audio lesions
  • · Instructional videos on transforming your mind and body through yoga

Zoe Bray’s yoga burn program will work or fail depending on how motivated you are as an individual. She is not there to physically guide you, therefore, you have to rely on self-discipline to achieve success. This is not a scam! If you are looking for a great daily routine, then this program will come in handy!