Application of Renewable Solar Energy.

Renewable solar energy is arguably one of the most effective source of energy that not only provides us with power to run our industries, but is also useful when it comes to home application of the power harnessed from solar, such home applications may include, lighting our houses, heating and warming our food and running other electric appliances such as Television sets, Radios and Microwaves which require power for their use. Modern technology has actually made it easier to harness this important source of renewable energy, which in turn has led to improvement of our lives.

There are a number of home applications of renewable solar energy. Some of the most important home applications of this important source of energy include,

1. Heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning:

Heat from the sun is harnessed using solar panels and the solar energy collected from the panels is transformed into electrical energy that is used in driving air conditioners that provide cool air when it is warm and warmth when it is cold and therefore ensuring that you are comfortable in your house.

2. Water heating:

This is probably the most common application of renewable solar energy since its application does not require much technological know how. Sunlight is used in heating water by concentrating the sun rays on the area that there is water for heating by use of solar panels. This ensures that the water gets warm with time and if a desired temperature is reached the rays are blocked and the water is ready for use.

3. Cooking:

Solar energy can also be used in cooking food by concentrating the heat energy from the sun on area. This is mostly effective when roasting or frying.
With all these applications, renewable solar energy is actually the remedy to the increased global warming. This is especially true since there is little or no emittance of greenhouse gases when using this type of energy.