Protest Outside Donald Trump Rally Starts A Chaos

A large group of protesters marched in the streets against Donald Trump’s rally in California on Thursday. Protesters smashed a police car and produced a chaos by chanting heatedly against the Republican presidential candidate. The incident took place in Costa Mesa, a small town at the south of Los Angeles.

Chaos Erupts During Protest Outside Donald Trump Rally In Southern California

Incident began to become furious when the protesters started to try to get into the rally, and the Trump supporters were trying to get out of the site fences. Several fights between both the parties continued to take place throughout the day. But the overall audience remained surprisingly passive.

Protesters wrote abusive words against Trump on the police cars, posters and on roads. Holding American and Mexican flags, crowd seemed to be increasing through the evening. Police took proper steps to control the crowd. And ultimately the protest came to an end by 11 p.m. Police arrested over 20 protesters.

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