Neck Tattoos And Sleeves Now Allowed By Navy For Sailors

The new update in the rules was made in an attempt to draw more and more young people wearing tattoo on their bodies. Now the sailors can wear tattoos beneath their knees and elbows. Even in short-sleeved uniform their visibility is not a problem anymore.

Neck Tattoos And Sleeves Now Allowed By Navy

Spokesperson for Nate Christensen, Chief of Naval Personnel said that this amendment is being made keeping in view the growing fame of tattoos in the general population and the serving people. But this amendment will not have any effect on the rules such as prohibition of sexually explicit, abusive, obscene and offensive tattoos.

This change is only for the sailors, marines still have to follow the old rules. They are allowed to wear only shorter tattoos which are not visible in short-sleeved uniform. The U.S Navy has made it clear that these alterations in the rules do not reflect that the complete tattoo rule has been uplifted, but it is just been minimized.

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