Motivation for Exercising

Lifestyle diseases and conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity amongst others are a big concern in today’s world. We cannot say we never saw the problems creeping in as our diets and activities show otherwise. Every country is dealing with an alarming number of people diagnosed with the diseases. This has caused a scare and most people are looking for ways to fit physical exercise in their busy schedules. If you are one of these people, more power to you as prevention is better than cure. Physical exercise is however not an easy task that you can just switch on and it falls in place, you need to discover something to motivate you to exercise so that you can keep at it for the long haul. Research and testimonies discovered that the following can help keep you motivated to exercise.

• Be true to yourself and know what you like and what you don’t. Know how much your body can take so that you don’t strain yourself. Be aware of what times of day work best for you. E.g. if it’s in the morning, the exercise should leave you reinvigorated and not drained so that you can be productive during the day.

• Get a workout partner. You won’t want to disappoint them and you will ditch the blankets if you know they are waiting for you. Friends also motivate you to keep up and beat the toughest exercises. Some people say when they are exercising with a friend, time passes very quickly and strenuous regimes don’t get to them as such.

• Set your goals and be realistic as you do so. Its human nature to want to achieve our goals and most of spend a lot of time working to turn them into reality. The same applies to exercise. Realistic goals motivate you when you achieve them and give you the will to push further.

• Find a constant reminder. Mine is a pair of jeans that I outgrew and I want to fit back into them. Each time I feel lazy I see them and remember I have got a few pounds to shed so I end up exercising anyway. The beauty of this motivation tactic is when I fit into my jeans or you get what you want, a habit has already developed and it will be hard for you to stop exercising and thus keeping fit gets a permanent slot in your schedule.

• Anticipate setbacks and this will make you work harder to beat them and when you do, you feel good about yourself and get more motivated. Keep track of your achievements and be proud of them however little and you will find yourself rearing to make them bigger.

• Lastly mix up your activities and find new things to do as this keeps things interesting and give you something to look forward to. Engage in team sports e.g. volleyball as the competition gives you an adrenaline rush and associating with people who might share your fitness goals makes you more committed.
There you have it. After you discover what motivates you best, grab your gear and set about achieving your fitness goals.

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